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10K Giveaway Testimonials

Thanks to the generosity of our church, we were able to bless the Elk Grove community by giving away $10,000 of God’s money. We sent out our small groups and other members of our church to be lead by the Holy Spirit in giving away various amounts of money. Here are some of the stories of how God worked through our church during the 10K Giveaway!

What a BLESSING! I gave HIS money to a young man that works at a fast food restaurant. He works extremely hard and is always gracious to his customers. I know he is putting himself through college so when I handed him the $30 I had in the envelope I let him know that it’s God’s money and He want him to have it. He was floored and extremely grateful. he offered to treat me to a meal and I told him to pass it on to someone he felt needed it, whether it be because of lack of funds or if they just needed a lift. I felt just as grateful for the opportunity to spread GOD’S graciousness.
Found a young family with two kids, 1 year old and a 6 year old. They were told this was a gift from God and they were very thankful!
Wednesday at the park I found 30 kids and lined them up so they could pick one ice cream for $1.00 each. Made so many kids happy. Amen
I saw a man sleeping at a bus stop in front of Taco Bell. I tried to just put the money on his bike with a note, but he woke up. I gave him the money and told him that God loves him.
I gave it to my 91 year old neighbor. She recently broke her hip. Her daughter was thrilled to receive the money to help get her home cleaned inside.
I changed it all into one’s and went to Cesar Chavez Park and gave all the homeless enough for them to get something to eat and drink. We plan on doing this every month! Thank you, it felt very good to reach out to those less fortunate. We plan on continuing to do this every month now!
We combined our money and helped someone who needed a new tire for their car.
I had prayed about it all week, wasn’t hearing anything. Finally, 11:30 pm Saturday night I went to Willie’s Burgers with a friend, met a homeless man felt God leading me. I gave him the money prayed for him. He prayed for us, then he began to sing us gospel songs.
I went to Trader Joe’s and gave it to someone walking in!
I gave my envelope to a 65 year old man that bicycles around all day to pick up aluminum cans that is clean and sober. He was appreciative and touched.
God blessed Jefferson David Ray, a homeless man playing his guitar under a tree. He said he was Elvis, but was hot in the ear– funny/sad story. He was friendly and thankful.
I used the money to help with classroom materials/supplies as needed.
I asked God who to give it to, he waited until yesterday to tell me. The person I gave it to was grateful and will pray over it. She said why her, maybe someone else needed it more. Told her she was who He wanted – so take it up with Him! Thank you
I gave it to a homeless person collecting cans from the trash outside of the church. His name is Hector.
I gave the $30.00 that I had left from the giveaway to a neighbor who had two boys (13 & 14) who was diagnosed with breast cancer. I put the money and a note in an envelope and left it by the door.
Prayed all week and it didn’t come to me until yesterday. I will be giving the money to the cashier at the pizza place we go to every Wednesday as a family. She helps us each and every week and I don’t know much about her but feel led to give her the money this week when we go to pizza.
Made up a love bag with food, money and bible tracks, etc. and gave to homeless man – Raymond, who is now part of my prayer list. He is waiting (2 years) for God to do something for him. God gave me a scripture after this experience. 1 Cor 13:3 “and tho I bestow all my goods to feed the poor…but have not love, it profits me nothing.” Please pray for Raymond
Our family was waiting all week and finally had an opportunity to give the money away on Saturday! Our oldest son gave it to a man sitting alone, looking like it would really encourage him. The man was caught off guard; we pray God will use it to lead him to Jesus!
It was given to a woman named Patricia who owned and operated a company she had just started, helping disabled children and adults learn to walk again using horses and harnesses to emulate the same movements.
I gave my donation to a family friend that I had no idea was struggling. Her name is Brittany and I ask that you pray for her and her family
My niece was visiting and went with the youth to a café and gave to a single mother of two. Received an envelope and on the way to the airport wanted to surprise the woman again because she was so grateful the first time. She was able to speak with her and let her know it was God’s money and no matter what God is always thinking about her.
I grabbed my buddy from work and we walked around downtown. We tried to give the money to the manager at Faces, but he wouldn’t take it, said to find a homeless person. We kept walking and found one, but he cool thing is that my friend, isn’t a Christian, but just married a Christian, and the 10K Challenge totally fit in with the message she’s been hearing at their church.
A mom on one of my mom’s Facebook groups was asking to trade/sell baby food her baby did not like, end of the month still a couple of days away and she had no food for her baby. I almost kept scrolling but He stopped me, I found her and said “God gave me some extra money”, we met, I gave her the money, she reminded me of me 2 years ago.
I gave it to an acquaintance from a small group I go to with Grown and Sanctified (Young Adult Ministry). It helped to cover a fee for a test she was wanting to take.
Sports Chalet is closing. I asked the cashier if she found another job, she said “not yet”, so I gave her the envelope.
Two young men were at Dollar Tree looking for dishwasher detergent for $1.00 (were thinking about regular dish liquid). I told them not a good idea, but I had a gift from God for them. That was fun!
There is a couple that has their 4 granddaughters down for the summer. The envelope was given to them to help feed them.
Paid for a combat vets groceries who refused to let us until we told him that it was God’s money.
I saw a young woman walking away from a convenience store, while driving home from church. Felt I was supposed to give her money. By the time I parked the car and got out, she was gone. The week went by – same store and the woman I first saw was working the register. God blessed her!
Gave a tip to a local family owned restaurant.
I met a homeless man 3 months ago in Carl’s Jr. I bought him food that day. Last week after praying, God directed me back to Carl’s Jr. I bought an iced tea and saw the same homeless guy sitting by himself to stay out of the heat. I walked up to him and said he didn’t have money to buy food. I gave him the $45.00 and told him it was God’s money. He started crying and thanked me.
Decided before I opened the envelope to match it. $30 turned into $60. Gave it to 19 year old neighbor who went on family leave from Marines because both his parents went into long term care and he’s home alone. He wants me to “teach him to pray” tomorrow. He has a lot of questions about God. I feel so honored to be able to represent God and be trusted to do it.
I saw a couple of young Mexican boys that seemed a little needy. They went to a convenience store and purchased a little something, I saw what appeared the older brother give his younger brother some change and get himself a treat. I gave them the $5.00 and they were thankful and said God Bless.
I passed it off to an individual who shares overwhelmingly to others. He found himself a bit short and was grateful. I also gave to a teacher who works two jobs, to decorate her classroom, I added some money and Tracy was very thankful.

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Love the grace and comfort this church has provided and look forward to continuing my spiritual journey.

Amazing band, church felt very comfortable, I can see there is a strong teen outreach here, great atmosphere.

I really like this format and style. It is like a coffee house!

There are opportunities for everyone to connect – even if you only attend church once a year, we welcome you! God is at work here, the dress is casual, the atmosphere is fun, so come and enjoy!

There are opportunities for everyone to connect – even if you only attend church once a year, we welcome you! God is at work here, the dress is casual, the atmosphere is fun, so come and enjoy!

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