Our Mission

Journey Church exists to help people progress along their spiritual journey with Jesus.

Our Vision

We invite everyone in Elk grove to lead more intentional lives.

Our Values

KINGDOM: We operate for His Glory Alone.

INVITING: We won’t assume, instead invite so we can share Jesus.

YOUTH: We will fight for the next generation’s self-worth and identity in Christ.

GENEROSITY: We will shatter expectations with outrageous generosity.

PROGRESS: We won’t justify circumstances or make excuses. We will make progress.

Are you super busy, yet not getting much traction in life?

We invite you to lead life more intentionally. If you set aside 5 hours a week for “church,” we will do the best we can to equip, challenge, and encourage you to grow and influence those around you for Jesus. That’s less that 3% of your week. What does that look like?

Our Team

Ben Finney
Ben FinneyService Programmer
Ben was originally born in San Jose, but now lives in Elk Grove where he enjoys having a lot of parks around for his kids. While growing up, he wanted to be a drummer/back-up vocalist in a rock band. Ben’s favorite verse in the Bible is Colossians 2:2-3, can quote Billy Madison almost in its entirety, and hasn’t helped install a doughboy pool (but has helped with a deck around a pool that was half above ground and half underground).
Matt Golab
Matt GolabYouth Pastor
Matt is from Wilton and has been a part of Journey Church since 2015. He loves hanging out with his family and youth students from church. While he claims to be ‘adventurous’ with food, Matt also believes that fast food is ‘poison’. He would rather wrestle a lion than a shark, can quote The Princess Bride movie ‘100 % with theatrical recreations’, and has also helped to install a doughboy pool.
JD Pearing
JD PearingTeaching Team Coach
JD was born in Idaho, raised in Southern California and has been with Journey Church since “before day one”. Growing up, he wanted to be a Major League Baseball player, but now he enjoys watching his favorite teams: the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Los Angeles Rams. He likes Teriyaki Time and one of his favorite Bible verses is Acts 15:19. JD has not helped install a doughboy pool, but he has always wanted to be a pool man.
Tim Pearing
Tim PearingLead Pastor
Tim originally hails from Colorado Springs, CO and has been the lead pastor of Journey since October 2012. He and his wife Nicci have four children with one more on the way. Tim enjoys playing pick-up basketball, taking day trips with his family, and taco trucks. One of his favorite Bible verses is Romans 1:16 and he hasn’t helped installed a doughboy pool, but hopes someday he will.
Sharon Wells
Sharon WellsCafe / Administration
Originally from Elk Grove, Sharon is a long-time member of the Journey Church team. She enjoys spending time with her grandsons, going to Disneyland, playing card games, and is also a watercolor artist. Sharon is able to quote the movie Made in Manhattan at will, enjoys French fries, and has helped install a doughboy pool.
Rachel Steele
Rachel SteeleWorship Director
Hailing from Vacaville, Rachel has been a part of Journey Church since 2015. Her best friends are her husband and her children, who enjoy ‘staycations’ in their yard on Sunday afternoons. For her whole life, Rachel has wanted to be a singer and now currently sings as part of the worship team at Journey. She can quote Beauty and the Beast, as well as most Disney movies made in the 1980s and 1990s.